Gymnastics at the Y


At the Y, we feel that gymnastics is a great activity for everyone! It builds self-confidence and teaches children how commitment and practice lead to accomplishment. Gymnastics also incorporates strength and flexibility with speed, balance, coordination, power, and focus, which can be beneficial to other physical activities, sports, and in everyday life. The benefits of gymnastics can also be seen in the classroom! It teaches children to have better discipline and concentration and also provides social interaction with other participants.

8 months-2 yrs. (Tumble Tots):

The use of our special early childhood equipment; ramps, slides, climbing, tunnels, balls, parachutes and musical instruments will provide a fun and safe exploring environment for this age group. Favorite songs to sing along to, listening, language development, body awareness and creative movement are concepts that will be explored and developed. 2 year old classes provide pre-gymnastic and motor skill experiences. Basic fundamental skills are taught using physical movement and cognitive development as a source of discovery. Parents are required to play and participate with their child in these classes.

3 yrs. & up:

We encourage everyone to move at their own pace and that is why we work on a variety of events daily in our classes. We focus on Olympic events; beam, bars, vault, and floor. We also spend time on the trampoline, rings, and rope as well. Each of our classes are taught by qualified instructors who encourage each participant in a fun environment! Child must be potty trained for participation in class.


Students will progress from basic tumbling skills; forward, backward rolls, kick handstands, and cartwheels to more advanced moves and sequences such as round-offs, back extension rolls and beginner back handsprings. This class utilizes floor, springboard, vault, and trampoline. Students must have at least one year experience.

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