Public Policy

The YMCA of Greater Houston, a private, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charity, is a leader in providing services that enrich the lives of children and families, offering early childhood and youth developmental programs, child care, health and wellness services, programs for seniors, job training and more, while offering need-based financial assistance. The YMCA welcomes opportunities to discuss legislative issues affecting children, families and communities.




To educate and engage elected officials, policymakers, nonprofit and community organizations about the YMCA of Greater Houston, its mission, community impact, expertise on youth and family issues and its willingness to work collaboratively to better serve our community.




Advocate for laws and policies that support children, families and communities as well as collaborative funding opportunities for YMCA initiatives.

Develop strategic alliances with other nonprofit and community organizations to support community needs.

Strengthen governmental policies supporting nonprofit, community-based organizations.

For information regarding your voting district, or which member of the Texas Senate or Texas House represents you, log on to

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