YMCA International Refugee Employment Services Job Order Form

YMCA International Services’ Refugee Employment Department works with employers in the Houston area to fill staffing needs from our qualified pool of refugee candidates. Our goal is to assist newly arriving refugees reach self-sufficiency.


Refugees come from a wide range of countries with a variety of skills and professional backgrounds. They possess a positive work ethic and a firm desire to become self-sustaining members of our society. All clients are legally employable and fully documented. Our pre-interview screening process and job counseling result in quality candidates that are drug-free and E-Verify ready to ensure that they will meet your employment needs.


If necessary, the YMCA will provide translation or interpretation services during the hiring process at no cost to the employer.


Once clients are employed, the Y will follow-up with both the employer and the client on a regular basis to reinforce the client-employer relationship and facilitate a smooth transition.


If you have an immediate staffing need and are ready to work with us, please fill out a Job Order Form below. A Job Developer will assess your needs and work with you today to provide the best possible applicants. For more information, contact Danielle Bolks at danielle.bolks@ymcahouston.org.


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