Join us on YMCA Houston 360 for a House Challenge!  

Are you a Phoenix, a Kraken, a Dragon or a Centaur? If your answer is, “I don’t know?”, you will soon find out! Through our House System, campers will be assigned to one of four houses. Once assigned to a house, that house stays with your camper and your family throughout your time in camp as well as from year to year. So if you are selected into House Phoenix, your child and your family are proud Phoenix members always! Houses are even recognized at our resident camp, Camp Cullen.

Houses allow children to step out of their comfort zone and join a new group of people, their Den, during their time at camp, all of different ages and backgrounds, giving them new experiences. It also instills in kids and their families a sense of pride and a legacy from their time at YMCA Camp.

Summer Camp House System