Group exercise classes are a great way to try out something new in fitness. We offer classes that are perfect for beginners such as pilates, fit kids, yoga and cycle. Browse a sampling of our classes below, check the schedule at your local center, and drop into a class today.

Cardio Combo
This class introduces a variety of cardio exercises including step, hi-low, BOSU, running, jump rope and other cross-training techniques.

Indoor cycle classes simulate outdoor riding with sprinting, hill climbing and other techniques to energizing music.

Fit Kids
Fit Kids combines games and fitness activities for youth in a fun-filled workout that will increase cardio and strength endurance.

Mat Pilates
Restore muscular balance, improve posture, prevent injury and build strength and flexibility.

This is a conditioning program that improves muscle control, flexibility, coordination, strength and tone. Based on proper breathing, good posture and intense concentration.

Flowing sequence of yoga poses linked together by an emphasis on breathing technique.

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