Kick up your workouts in these heart-pounding cardio classes! Burn calories, speed up your metabolism and strengthen your heart in cardio combo, kickboxing, HIIT, cycle and other classes. Browse a sampling of our classes below, check the schedule at your local center, and drop into a class today.

Cardio Combo
This class includes a variety of cardio exercises including step, hi-low, BOSU, running, jump rope and other cross-training techniques.

Cardio Strength Interval
Incorporates intervals of cardio endurance and muscle conditioning to create a fitness training experience. Improve overall fitness, agility, speed and athleticism in this high-intensity class.

Indoor cycle classes simulate outdoor riding with sprinting, hill climbing and other techniques to energizing music.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) combines high speed, high intensity work with recovery periods to improve your conditioning and speed up your metabolism.

Low Impact Cardio
Speed up your heart rate with exercises designed to have minimal impact on your bones and joints.

This high energy class uses a height-adjustable step and challenging combinations. Workouts are choreographed to offer full body exercise with movements on and around a step. 

STRONG by Zumba
In this class, cardio, muscle conditioning and plyometric training are combined and synced to original music that has been designed to match every move.

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