Volunteers play an integral part in the successful resettlement of refugees and immigrants. As friends, facilitators, and advocates, they help newly arrived refugees navigate their way around a new society.

As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to introduce newly resettled refugees to life in the United States. Your relationship with a refugee can have a tremendous impact on the speed and ability of that individual to integrate into our society. In turn, you will gain the opportunity to learn more about another culture. With tact, flexibility, and patience, you will learn to adapt to the needs of the refugees with whom you work, offering them support as they learn to navigate their new community.

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Volunteer ESL tutors provide small group and/or one-on-one English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring to adult refugees, asylees, or victims of human trafficking in order to improve their English language skills. Tutors will meet with students during ESL classes from 3:00-5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday or may be partnered with a student to provide one-on-one tutoring.

Hours of availability: 3:00-5:00 pm, Monday-Thursday


Volunteer Civics and Literacy tutors provide small group instruction to adult immigrants in our Citizenship Preparation program in order to improve their U.S. civics knowledge and English literacy skills. Tutors will meet with student groups during citizenship classes or one-on-one for naturalization interview preparation. We offer weekday and Saturday Citizenship Preparation classes. This is a great opportunity to gain skills in ESL and social science education!


If you are a licensed attorney or accredited legal representative, please consider working pro bono with one of our clients. By providing an asylum seeker, a victim of human trafficking, or a victim of domestic violence with legal status here in the United States, you are giving them the opportunity for stability and self-sufficiency.

If you have never done pro bono work before or have never worked with an immigrant crime victim, YMCA International Services will offer you the support you need throughout your case. Our staff attorneys are available to mentor pro bono attorneys, and the client's case manager can help you work successfully with the client.

If you are interested in working with clients of YMCA International Services, pro bono, please contact us