Hours and availability vary by location. Visit our location page for full list of available centers


Offerings will vary by location. Please check Center reservation system for availability. Youth under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult.  

  • Child watch programming for ages 3+

  • Select (non-equipment intensive) indoor group exercise classes with reduced capacity to allow for social distancing

  • Family swim

  • Indoor walking tracks 

  • Outdoor youth and family programs 

  • Wellness Centers 

  • Private changing rooms and family locker room areas

  • Water Walking

*Registration is required to attend all YMCA services, venues and programs at this time. Reserve your spot!

  • Please arrive at the Y in your workout attire

  • Bring a towel, mat, and water bottle, and pool equipment

  • Bring and wear your mask in the required areas.

  • Download the YMCA of Greater Houston App for digital card use, schedule, and updates. Members will be asked to self-scan with the YMCA of Greater Houston app or their membership card. Watch a quick video to learn more.

  • Reserve your spot: Due to capacity limits, all YMCA services, venues and programs require a reservation. 

  • Please plan ahead. Lockers, showers, and child watch for children under 3 will not be available.

  • Update your Membership Agreement. All members have received an email request to update your agreement before returning to the Y. Please complete the updated agreement through the email or through the button below.

    *Note: If utilizing button below, please have barcode nearby in order to complete. Your barcode can be found on your membership card or you can call the Y to get your barcode.


To make updates to your membership account, please click here.


Opening In Phases: To best protect our YMCA staff and members, we will be opening in phases. This approach allows us to prepare our facilities and train staff while helping members get comfortable with new routines.

Single Entry/Exit: To help us maintain our safety protocols, we will maintain a single member building entry/exit point at all YMCA locations. If needed, stairwells will be evaluated to determine if one-way traffic flows are necessary.

Regular Temperature Checks: All persons entering the YMCA are required to submit to a daily temperature check. Person's with a temperature of 100.4 F or more will be asked to submit to a recheck. If temperature is maintained, they may not enter the facility.

Face Coverings for All Staff: Staff will be required to wear face masks as recommended by the CDC while serving members or interacting with others unless teaching a group exercise class or lifeguarding.

Designed for Social Distance: Modifications have been made so participants can maintain at least 6 ft. distance between each other.


  • Restrooms and commonly touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected at least every two hours.
  • Pool decks will be cleaned daily.
  • The Y will close from 1-2 pm daily for cleaning.
  • We have added extra hand sanitizing stations, cleaning supplies and staff in addition to a system to ensure that equipment is cleaned and sanitized between uses. 

Any person answering YES to any questions below should not enter our facility:

  • In the past 14 days have you (or any member of your immediate household) traveled to a country with a Level 3 Travel Health Notice as identified by the CDC?
  • In the past 14 days have you (or any member of your immediate household) been on a cruise or traveled to an area of the United States with widespread community transmission?
  • In the past 14 days, have you had known contact with any person with either a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19?
  • Do you or any member of your immediate household have any of the following symptoms:
    • fever (100.0 or greater in the last week),
    • cough (even a slight cough), OR
    • shortness of breath?


YMCA ReOpening


YMCA ReOpening


YMCA ReOpening


Keep Your Distance


YMCA ReOpening


YMCA ReOpening




  • In Person Personal Training (virtual personal training available HERE)

  • Lockers and showers

  • Saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs

  • Child watch under age 3

  • Social gathering areas

  • Checking out locks and equipment from the front desk

  • Playgrounds

  • Indoor pickleball

  • Racquetball courts

  • Organized team sports

  • Water fountains and bottle fillers requiring touch to fill

  • Coffee and towel service




The YMCA of Greater Houston remains committed to keeping members, staff and program participants as safe as possible. To meet that promise, the organization is continuing to implement enhanced health and safety measures throughout this phased approach. We are taking CDC and Government guidance into consideration and how the virus impacts our community. The COVID disruption has placed substantial financial stress on our organization. To ensure that we can continue to serve our members of the future we must be fiscally responsible as an organization.

We will continue to evaluate, make decisions and communicate changes with our members. View the status of your location HERE.

Due to the many challenges that COVID has placed before us, including the need to serve working families with our camp program, we are not able to open all our Centers to members at once. We looked at a multitude of factors in making our decisions including proximity to other locations, square footage, the number of campers to serve the community, and the financial stress that has been placed upon the organization. Additionally, we conducted a survey with many of our members that gave us input on when people were comfortable coming back, what activities they would participate in, as well as other factors. We studied the survey by age and geographic location.

After analyzing the data, we developed a plan that would allow us to continue to serve the majority of our members through alternate locations by giving all members City-Wide center access at no additional cost.

Members now have City-Wide access at no additional cost. If your location is closed click HERE to find the closest location. view all of our locations here

If your Center’s amenities are full, you can view the availability of other locations by LOGGING INTO YOUR ACCOUNT.

We will be able to reopen additional Centers as we evaluate our operational effectiveness and the ability to serve our members from the first set of Centers that open. Safety of our members and staff is our priority. View your Center’s current hours HERE.

Please see the overview of our phased approach HERE.

Please check our programs page for updates on all our programs. Day camp, teen camp, and Children’s Learning Academy are being offered this summer at select locations. VIEW CAMP LOCATIONS AND INFORMATION.

Due to health concerns coffee is not available. We want to ensure that proper food and beverage protocols are in place to keep our members as safe as possible.

All our classes are available for viewing online or you can download the YMCA of Greater Houston app to view classes from your phone.

The easiest way to reserve a spot in class is to download the YMCA of Greater Houston app and filter by offering. You can also RESERVE YOUR SPOT in the class by going to our website and selecting our scheduler. There will be a capacity by class/amenity . Reservations will be required in advance. If you have more than one person attending, you will need to make multiple RESERVATIONS. If your Center’s amenities are full, you can view the availability of other locations by logging into your account HERE.

Due to social distancing and taking extra measures in disinfecting, cleaning, we will be running a limited schedule throughout the day. We are continuing to add additional classes to the schedule and are offering many classes virtually. VIEW CURRENT SCHEDULE

Absolutely! Review our schedule here.


The Y is not charging membership dues in June, but are continuing to accept dues as contributions. We will begin drafting membership dues starting July 1. We are offering a special COVID Response Effort membership rate for all our members beginning July 1. Rate information will be sent before July 1.

Yes! We can’t wait to see you! Please contact your local Y or click here.

Yes! Your membership will remain on hold. However, we have many Y’s across the Houston area and all members now have city-wide access. If you choose to utilize another Y, your draft will begin in the month of July but will remain at your same rate. Please use any of our Y’s to continue your wellness journey.

You can request account changes here https://www.ymcahouston.org/account-services, email customercare@ymcahouston.org, or call us at 713-758-9140, Monday through Friday from 7am-8pm and on Saturday from 7am-11am.

Staff will be available at Centers that are offering Day/Teen Camp programs Monday-Friday 7am-6:30 pm.

We have made changes in how we conduct transactions to keep you and our staff safe. You can request account changes HERE, email customercare@ymcahouston.org, or call us at 713-758-9140, Monday through Friday from 9 am-5 pm and on Saturday from 7-11 am.

We are taking this opportunity to update our waiver for all members because we felt it was prudent to add language regarding communicable disease, viruses, etc. UPDATE YOUR AGREEMENT

We are looking forward to seeing you, but we understand if you may not feel ready to come back yet. Please follow this link MEMBERSHIP HOLD OR TERMINATION REQUEST or contact us at and we can help you find the best solution for your membership.


We will continue to offer a variety of virtual exercise classes, seminars and engagement opportunities for seniors, and will not limit the hours in the facility. We encourage all our members to take safety precautions.

Absolutely. Participants will be spaced 10 to 12 ft. apart in order to maintain 6 ft. between participants with movement. You will see class sizes a bit smaller to ensure we have proper spacing for safety. Some of our classes, such as our most popular ones may be moved to larger spaces to accommodate distancing measures. You can review the class schedule HERE.

We will be providing hand sanitizer at point of entry and at Y activity locations as long as supplies allow. We encourage you to bring your own to use as needed.

If you choose to wear a mask you will need to bring your own mask with you.

There will be a capacity by area. Reservations will be required in advance. If you have more than one person attending, you will need to make multiple reservations.

Yes. Cleaning bottles will be provided throughout the area to allow for members to wipe down all equipment. You can view our cleaning protocols in the “Working Together for a Safer Environment” section on this page.