Our Board of Directors is composed of civic leaders who are dedicated to strengthening the communities we serve.

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Christopher Behme



Dan Bellow - Chair
Facilities/Properties Committee



Gabriela (Gabby) Boersner



Glenn H. Clements



Charles Comiskey



Jennifer Davenport Dabkowski - Chair
Marketing/Data Committee



Frances Castaneda Dyess



Steven B. Erikson



John Esquivel



Sidney Evans - Vice Chair



Stephen R. Fetterman



Rodney Finke



Curtis V. Flowers, Jr. 



Lee A. Lahourcade



Byrd Larberg



Floyd J. Leblanc



Mark S. Leonard



David Ley



Chi-mei Lin


Khambrel Marshall - Board Chair



Joy McCormack



Robert E. McFadden



Paula Mendoza



Peggy C. Montana - Chair
Human Resources Committee



Dr. Rick Ngo



Terry W. Rathert - Chair
Finance Committee



Cyndy Garza Roberts



John Rolfe



Joe Rothbauer - Chair
Financial Development Committee



D. Bryan Ruez



Beth Shea - Vice Chair



Debra Sukin



Tadd Tellepsen - Chair
Risk Management Committee



Carlos J. Valdez - Chair
Board Development Committee



Page M. Vogelsang



Wade Wallinger - Chair
Center Relations Committee



Marina Walne, Ph.D.