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Swim Lessons

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Participants in Y Swim Lessons become more comfortable and secure around water as they learn about water safety and practice swimming skills. They feel a sense of achievement from mastering something they can enjoy rest of their lives. Small class settings provide opportunities to connect with others in the class and make new friends while increasing physical activity levels.

Highlights of y Swim Lessons

  • Small instructor-to-swimmer ratios
  • Age- and skill-appropriate instruction
  • Certified swim instructors who guide with praise and encouragement
  • Achievement Log tracks a student's progress as swimming skills are mastered

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The Y offers a wide range of swimming options to improve swimming skills, build confidence in the water, and teach personal safety.

Group Swim Lessons

For preschool and youth swim lessons, instructors assess skills on the first day and group students based on their abilities. Classes are offered for beginner and advanced swimmers.

YMCA Swimming LessonsPreschool Swimming (ages 3–5)

Children begin learning to swim with their face under water, jumping in the pool, retrieving toys from the bottom of the pool and learning other swim skills that emphasize body position, arm movements, kicking, floating and breathing.

Youth Swimming (ages 6–12)

YMCA Swimming is about water safety, skill development and fun for everyone. Introductory-level classes focus on water safety as well as teaching basic fundamentals of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. As the participants advance to higher levels, they continue to work on stroke development, focusing on critical techniques and learning additional strokes, such as butterfly.

Parent/Child Swim Introductory Class (parents, and children ages 6-36 months)

Introduces water safety, comfort in the water, water entry and exit techniques, breath control, swimming on the front and back, and basic swimming skills.

Parent/Child Advanced Class

For children who have successfully mastered the introductory class and have instructor approval. As a prerequisite, children are required to be able to hold their breath under water and move through the water independently.

  • Parent/child team works on advanced skills including endurance and underwater swimming
  • Class focuses on the skills of jumping in, surfacing, back floating, swimming to the side and exiting the pool

Adult Swim Lessons

  • Lessons are geared toward the adult student's level of comfort and ability
  • Available for first-time swimmers and those who want to tune up their skills

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Swim-Float-Swim (ages 3-12)

  • Students are divided into age groups
  • Sessions consist of four 30-minute classes
  • Teaches life-saving, drowning prevention skills: how to jump into the water and return to the side of the pool
  • Covers safety precautions around the water and water safety skills

Teen Swim Leaders Program (ages 12-15)

This program is a great opportunity for teens to volunteer and help with swim lessons while learning leadership skills. Teens who are interested must apply at their local Y and complete a training session prior to participation. 

Stroke Development Clinics & Boosters (ages 5+)

Both Stroke Clinics and Boosters are geared for students who have already been introduced to swimming strokes but wish to improve or perfect their technique.

Stroke Clinics are geared toward advanced swimmers who want to focus on mastering one specific stroke at a time, such as freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Stroke Boosters are also geared toward advanced swimmers and focus on refining all four competitive swim strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Swimmers work on improving endurance, technique and speed.