Through the Refugee Scholarship Program, YMCA International Services has been able to provide funding for full-time higher education students who have a status as refugee, SIV, asylee, or VOT.

The application period for the 2020 scholarship is currently closed.

Interested students complete an application that details their academic and personal background; students also write two essays. Winners are determined by their need and accomplishments.

Scholarship Application



YMCA International’s Refugee Resettlement program assists refugees who are forcibly displaced from their native countries due to persecution based on their race, religion, ethnicity, political opinion or their belonging to a particular social group. The resettlement program provides housing, food, basic supplies and temporary financial services in order to help refugees begin their new lives in the United States.  

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Donations to Support Resettled Refugees



YMCA International Services’ Refugee Employment Department works with employers in the Houston area to fill staffing needs from our qualified pool of refugee candidates. Our goal is to assist new arrivals to our country quickly reach self-sufficiency.

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The Trafficked Persons Assistance Program works to identify and assist foreign and domestic victims of human trafficking. We seek to improve the quality of life for victims of human trafficking through culturally competent case management services.   In addition to providing direct client services, the program raises awareness in the community through education and outreach.  

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YMCA International Services provides counseling or representation to individuals seeking immigration assistance.  Assistance is available for asylum seekers, victims of domestic violence, crime victims, or victims of human trafficking.  Services also include family reunification visas, adjustment of status and naturalization applications.  On our “Walk-in-Wednesdays,” individuals can discuss their immigration case with an Immigration Attorney, BIA Accredited Representative or an Immigration Case Manager during the hours of 9am-3pm.  Some consultations may require a $40 consultation fee.  

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Family Strengthening Classes and Case Management


Do you live in Texas and can't afford your rent?  We are here to help.  Stop TX Eviction provides the following:

  1. All information and resources are available for free.
  2. Get legal information about the eviction process and your rights.
  3. Apply for legal assistance from organizations in your area that provide free legal services to qualifying tenants.
  4. Find out about rental assistance and other resources in your area and how to apply.
  5. Chat with a real lawyer about your questions regarding eviction.  

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Courses Offered

Cultural Orientation Workshops

• The workshops acclimate newcomers to American culture and systems.

• Topics include hygiene, transportation, and hurricane preparation.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses

• Students learn practical English through a computer-based curriculum.

Vocational ESL Course and Job Readiness Workshops

• Classes cater to specific industries such as Construction, Hospitality and Tourism, and Transportation and Logistics.

• Class exercises introduce students to English topics relevant to the specific industry and soft skills like understanding teamwork, and effective communication with supervisors.

• Job Readiness workshops focus on resume building, job searches, interview preparation, and more.

Citizenship Preparation Course

• Clients learn about the naturalization process, the N-400 application, interview process, and the exam which covers English and Civics topics.

Pre-High School Equivalency Course

• Clients study for a high school equivalency exam (GED or Hi-SET) using a curriculum that caters to non-native English speakers.

• Classes focus on academic reading and writing skills like the American essay style and plagiarism.

• In addition, clients are introduced to the topics on the tests: math, science, and social studies.


• YMCA International Services offers 10-week online Civics classes in English to help you prepare for the naturalization exam.

• Classes are free for those who qualify.

Class Schedule

• Classes are scheduled in the morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend.

• All classes are offered online during the COVID-19 crisis.


• Be an eligible victim of human trafficking, refugee, parolee

• (Cuban/Haitian), asylee, or special immigrant visa (SIV) holder.

• Able to present a copy of your green card or permanent resident card.

• Classes begin Monday, May 18, 2020.


• YMCA International Services offers an eleven- week Pre-High School Equivalency course to help you earn a US high school diploma and take control of  your  future.  Classes are free.

• Prepare for the GED or Hi- SET exam with activities focused on English, Mathematics,  Science, and Social Studies.

• Additional Academic Reading and Writing classes are available if needed.

Class Schedule

• Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30 am -  12:30 pm

• Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 5:30 pm -  9:30 pm

• All classes are offered online during COVID- 19 crisis.


• Eligible victims of human trafficking, refugees, parolees (Cuban/ Haitian), asylees or special immigrant  visa holders (SIV) who arrived in the US less than five years ago.

• Speak, read, and write some English


• YMCA International Services is offering free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for adults. These classes are designed to help you take control of  your  future.

Class Schedule

• Classes offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening

• All classes are offered online during COVID- 19 crisis.


• Students must  be at  least  17 years old- 

• Registration and placement test

• Classes begin  Monday, May 18, 2020

ESL (in Spanish):

• YMCA International Services ofrece clases gratuitas de inglés para adultos. Estas clases están  diseñadas para ayudar le a tomar el control  de su  futuro.


• YMCA ofrece clases en las manañas, tardes, y noches.

• Todas las clases estan en linea durante la crisis de COVID-19.


• Los estudiantes deben tener al menos 17 años de edad.

• Matrícula y prueba de nivel

• Las clases comienzan el lunes 18 de mayo.

For more information on schedules and eligibility, call 713-339-9015.