All YMCA centers in the Greater Houston Area are scheduled to be open today, Wednesday, May 27. Some centers may offer limited programs. Please check your center's specific webpage for additional details.

YMCA of Greater Houston

YMCA International Services Staff

Jeff Watkins
Community Executive Director
713-339-9015 x1002

Danielle Bolks
Social Responsibility Director
Employment Services
713-339-9015 x1021

Brian Schaeffer

Social Responsibility Director
Immigration Legal Services
713-339-9015 x1011

Dario Lipovac
Social Responsibility Director
Resettlement Services

713-339-9015 x1025

Canh Lam
Office Director
713-339-9015 x1010


Lisa Guitguit
Associate Community Director
713-339-9015 x1022

Constance Rossiter
Social Responsibility Director
Trafficked Persons Assistance Program
713-339-9015 x1020

Andrew Trujillo
Social Responsibility Director
Post Release Services Program
713-781-1061 x112

Maribely Estevez
Social Responsibility Director
RCA and Case Management Services

713-339-9015 x1032

Jennifer Cook
Director of Community Relations

713-339-9015 x1006